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Gaining the skills to facilitate focus groups and interviews

The Division of Students creates Learning Briefs to support professional development and on-the-job learning. Facilitating a successful focus group means more than reading a list of questions. Our Divisional Assessment Analyst has curated resources to help you gain the skills you need!

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Assessing and evaluating your impact on the student journey

The Assessment Community of Practice has created a resource to support Division of Students colleagues with program assessments and evaluations. The new Assessment Framework contains considerations and recommendations on how to set the right intentions, ask the right questions, and support students.

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Encouraging peer-led professional development

The Division of Students creates Learning Briefs to support professional development and on-the-job learning. This month a new learning brief about peer-led learning groups and communities of practice is available to encourage connection between colleagues and stimulate learning.

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Furthering growth in divisional assessment capacity

The second Core Concepts of Program Assessment & Evaluation workshop was held on March 29 to increase shared understanding of concepts identified in the CACUSS competency model. Staff were introduced to assessment and how it can be applied to their professional practice.

increase in average knowledge and confidence from the start to the end of the workshop, according to participants.
Developing a Learning Mindset for Work

The Division of Students encouraged all staff to complete an Individual Development Plan (IDP) by Wednesday, February 1. In support of IDPs, a Divisional Learning resource was created to ease access to templates, questions & answers and divisional learning briefs.

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IDPs are divided into four categories: Development opportunities, development activities, measurement of achievement and progress updates.
Establishing a New Core Concepts of Assessment Discussion Group

As follow-up to assessment-related workshops delivered by the Divisional Assessment Analyst, a virtual discussion group has been established. After core concepts of assessment workshops, attendees are invited to continue their learning and development with their peers, and at their own pace.

Sharing ideas to advance the Division of Students Strategic Plan

On Monday, January 23, and Tuesday, January 24, Division of Students colleagues were invited to share their experience and passion for student success at facilitated brainstorming sessions. Attendees were encouraged to think and discuss five specific questions posed by the Vice-Provost, Students.

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colleagues participated and most felt more connected to the Division of Students as a result of attending the brainstorming session
Growing divisional assessment capacity

The first Core Concepts of Assessment workshop was held on November 23, with 28 staff members in attendance. Core concepts are identified in the CACUSS competency model. Staff increased their knowledge of assessment methods and learned why they are an important part of our professional practice.

increase in average knowledge and confidence from the start to the end of the workshop.
Establishing a new assessment community of practice

The Assessment Community of Practice is a member-driven resource to help deepen knowledge and understanding among assessment experts in the Division of Students. They provide an informal space to refine approaches and practices, brainstorm solutions to challenges and celebrate successes.

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Launch of the Division of Students 2020-2022 Annual Report

The annual report captures stories, initiatives and projects that have advanced the 5-Year Strategic Plan. Learn about recent achievements and celebrate the Division's successes over the last two years.

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First annual report created for the Division of Students Strategic Plan 2020-2025 Preparing for a Better Future
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